Welcome to JoLa Films, Inc.
A Film Marketing Consulting Firm
If you have produced a feature length (or short) film and you are interested in finding a company to help you market and distribute your film, look no further - JoLa Films, Inc. is the company for you! 

JoLa Films, Inc., a new Film Marketing Consulting Firm, is located in Long Island, NY.  JoLa Films, Inc. was founded by a former movie studio marketing executive with many years of television research experience.

JoLa Films, Inc. can help you develop a grass-roots marketing and distribution strategy.  JoLa Films, Inc. will not only help you better understand WHO your target audience is, we can also assist you in determining WHERE that audience is located, and WHAT to say to them to get them to go see or purchase your film.

Please note: We are currently revamping our website to include our ever-expanding line of consulting services.

If you want to learn more about JoLa, our selection process, and the services we offer, please send us an e-mail or call us at (917) 647-0123.
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(917) 647-0123
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Rockville Centre
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